• International transportation

    Perfecting each process link aviatransportations, company Barrus Logistics offered service, maximally responsible customer need

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  • Railway transportation

    Barrus Logistics offers optimal solutions for the delivery of goods railway transport to Russia via St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Vladivostok, East. And also carry international multimodal transportation and transportation in within one country

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  • Trucking

    Company Barrus Logistics offer its clients high quality software service delivery of goods by road transport in both international and international in the domestic market

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  • Warehousing services

    We guarantee our the safety of the clients stored goods during total required time

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  • Cargo insurance

    We offer cargo insurance with moment of sampling at sender to date of issue recipient.

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  • Customs clearance

    The Company Barrus Logistics provides services on Customs export processing and imported goods

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  • Certification

    The Company Barrus Logistics provides services on certification of goods, the preparation of opinions sanitation- epidemiological instances

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Barrus Logistics

Our company, having years of experience in this field ensures that the passing into the hands of our logistics specialists, you will save time and will significantly reduce the cost of freight forwarding software.

Provide a full range of services to participants of foreign economic activity.

Implement any tasks in the field of transportation.

Licenses and certificates

Company news

Industry news

Passed annual inspection for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008

25 September 2018

This certificate confirms that the quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008

Company news

Industry news

Gazprom and Russian Railways can build a railway to the port of Sabetta

November 2 2018

The railway construction Project to the port of Sabetta is planned to be restarted, for which the road will be transferred to the Federal level.

In two years, the network of e-customs will increase four times

October 26 2018

this will reduce the number of customs clearance places in the country from 672 to 16

The business does not agree with the idea of the FAS to enter invester for stevedores for the lease of state property in the ports

October 18 2018

the Business did not support the idea of FAS to introduce a new investment fee for the use of port facilities in state ownership for stevedores

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