FTS and FCS need to "recheck" the value of export goods

24 November 2018

To collect reliable information agencies need to communicate more with colleagues abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the Federal tax and Federal customs services should agree with foreign partners to obtain from them objective data on the value of goods exported to Russia, reports TASS.

- it is necessary to agree with our foreign partners that their customs authorities give us objective data on the cost of goods of exporters to Russia. So we together with customs that could be taken into account, has set the goal of Vladimir Putin to the head on Vladimir Mishustin.

In addition, at a meeting with the President of the Russian Federation in Sochi, the head of the tax service reported on the increase in transfers to the consolidated budget, Kommersant writes. Preliminary assessment of the dynamics of real charges of the Federal tax service in 2018: an increase of 14.1% with GDP growth of 1.8%. Thus, over five years of reforms in the service, primarily digitalization, with a virtually stable tax regime, the real growth of tax revenues amounted to 39.6% from the level of 2014.

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