E-commerce is in dire need of the likeness of "uber transport"

19 December 2018

The digital service must independently generate the best options for delivery routes from point " A "to point" B»

This year, within a week after world shopping day in China (LR. celebrated on November 11) the number of parcels shipped by Alibaba Group exceeded 1 billion On the round table "Cargo transportation online: digitalization of transport services" said the Director of Cainiao Russia Alexey Larionov. Thus, the actual load on logistics facilities exceeded the norm by 50 times. More than 700,000 square metres of storage space, hundreds of thousands of vehicles and hundreds of cargo planes were used to process orders and delivered parcels to various parts of the globe.

however, despite all the modern possibilities, the organization of delivery from China to Russia has to dock with each other more than two dozen logistics links, the expert said in his speech. And it is quite time-consuming and laborious task, consuming much time.

– we are faced with the most severe need for a kind of "transport Uber", where it would be possible to enter point "A" and point "B" and get the best route options, - said Alexey Larionov. - As far as I know, large companies are working on the creation of such a product, including in Russia.

China has already created giant information platforms that operate huge databases of carriers, the expert continued. One of such digital platforms is Cainiao. Despite the huge volume of business, the logistics operator does not own a single truck and a single square meter of warehouse space.

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