Customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods - a complex of measures for checking and preparation of documents, Declaration, submission to the customs authority the Declaration of goods in written or electronic form, as well as customs inspection and release of goods under a certain customs procedure.

the Customs clearance of goods requires a careful study of the documents, knowledge of and practical application of customs legislation, as well as scrupulous compliance with normative legal acts of customs authorities, including on the technical filling the Declaration and related documents. The declarant must do a lot of formalities and obligations imposed by the customs legislation. The task is complicated by the huge amount of information, existing reservations and links to rules and regulations of the national customs legislation. In addition, certain regulations are constantly changing, and supplemented, approved the new legal acts shall come into force amendments to the legislation.

Our company professionally provides services on customs clearance of Your goods (execution of customs documents for the cargo, customs clearance) in the Moscow region in the modes imports (imports) and export (export).

  • classification of goods in accordance with the HS
  • preliminary calculation of customs payments
  • preparation the package of documents for customs clearance
  • primary registration of participants of foreign economic activity in customs
  • customs clearance
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