• delivery "from door to door" by all types of transport; 
  • customs clearance in one day "JUST-IN-TIME" clothing, footwear, accessories, perfumery, cosmetics, taking into account the specifics of each client; 
  • automated set DT ; 
  • organization of transportation of the collections in a special package; 
  • transportation and clearance of valuable cargo; 
  • provide services for branded jewellery; 
  • customs clearance related products for shops/boutiques (decoration for shop Windows, cash equipment and so on) 
  • the organization of certification of production and shipments; 
  • permit Minatomirai for leather goods rare animals listed in the Red book, as well as licenses and permits for goods in aerosol cans; 
  • internal distribution (auto) to any destination of Russia in a timely manner; 
  • services on storage of collections in storage; 
  • additional storage services: marking equipment, sorting; 
  • disposal of residues collections; 
  • account management in servicing corporate clients (monitoring of cargo, control of processes, training overheads for shops/boutiques, calculation of production cost and the like); 
  • work after hours/weekends on request of the client, informing in online mode at any convenient time; 
  • providing additional freight forwarding; 
  • organization of temporary import\export to conduct screenings, exhibitions, etc.
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