International transportation

Barrus Logistics Company carries out international transportation of various consignments of goods by road, sea and air modes of transport. One of the priority directions are international transportation of cargoes.

International shipping is one of the most popular and important kinds of transport services, as successful trade relations between countries are inseparably linked with the process of delivery of goods in international traffic. This service implies the process of the international transport of goods border crossing two or more States, and also a number of related services.

Barrus Logistics provides individual approach to each client, irrespective of volume of transported cargo. Our company can arrange one-time international trucking and develops personal logistic schemes, to optimize the delivery of a large stream of products: including the development of optimal routes, selecting the appropriate mode of transport, as well as consulting on foreign trade work.

We will select the best route for transportation of goods, based on Your requirements.

to Learn more about international road transport of goods and international cargo transportation by other types of transport You can contact us by phone: +7 495 797 99 50 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

freight trucking

International carriage of goods by road is one of the most popular types of services in the field international freight. Its main advantages are high efficiency, flexible variability of the route, the full control over the location and the safety of your cargo. Transport by car is the only form of transportation, which allows to organize the delivery of goods "door to door". Barrus Logistics organizes international automobile transportations of cargoes from any European country in any Russian region. We are ready to deliver both large and small consignments. Our specialists will help you to solve all related questions connected with development of the route, customs clearance, storage, insurance, certification.

Marine international transport

one More actively demanded by the international transport of goods are shipping. In spite of the longer delivery times Maritime international shipping are relatively cheap and provide an opportunity of delivery of goods with minimal cost. In those cases that require the delivery of large quantities of goods from the USA, Southeast Asia and some other remote regions of the world, without international sea freight is almost impossible to do. We are ready to perform for you, container transportation through the ports of Finland, Germany, the Baltic States, in full conformity with modern international standards, existing in the sphere of transportation.

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